Singing Groups/ Choir

Sing yourself to happiness!
Did you know that singing, whether solo or especially in a group, can improve your mood and support your mental well-being? 

Madeline has completed her Diploma in Community Services and has been a teacher aide for 6 years. Now, Madeline is combining her extensive singing knowledge with her experience in well-being and support work to provide a safe space for you to explore the many benefits of singing.

Through singing, Madeline aims to support your well-being by releasing endorphins to strengthen your immunity system and decrease feelings of stress.

For children, singing can support intellectual, social and emotional development while also supporting the development of motor skills, language skills and literacy. Singing is a safe and fun way for children to explore their feelings, build resilience and feel good about themselves. Madeline offers individual and small group singing lessons at her home studio and is available for school and home visits.

Contact Madeline Music today to learn more about how we can brighten up your life through singing at home,

in the studio, or at school.