Singing & Guitar Classes

For people under 18.


Trial pass (45 minutes)…….$48

Come in and meet Madeline to see if learning with me is the right fit for you!

Term Fees

Five 30-minute lessons…….$279



Ten 30-minute lessons…….$539



Five 45-minute lessons…….$335



Ten 45-minute lessons…….$665

Sing with Your Friends

40 Minutes (up to five students)…….$350 per term

For people over 18.


Trial pass (1 hour)…….$70

Come in and meet Madeline to see if learning with me is the right fit for you!


Five 40-minute lessons…….$375



Five 60-minute lessons…….$400


*Lessons can only be purchased in a package of five and must be paid for in full before your first lesson.

Private singing lessons provide the perfect opportunity for students to focus on their confidence and technique one on one. Each lesson is prepared and tailored to the student’s individuality.
Increase your range and improve your confidence with Madeline Music.

Booking Packages & Expiry Dates

Steps to booking once you have purchased a term package with your teacher: 

1. Once you have purchased a term package through your teacher you will receive a confirmation invoice via email
2. You may wish to lock in your weekly lessons with your teacher and they will reserve your spot for you 

3. If you wish to use your term package as you please, weekly lessons can be booked in via txt message or by email

Five-lesson package
Six weeks to use

Ten-lesson package
Twelve weeks to use

Madeline Music
Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available for purchase from the studio and valid for a year. Contact Madeline for further details.