Madeline is an experienced singing teacher who has developed her teaching ethic over the past 7 years based on building self-confidence, perfecting technique and preparing for performances.

Madeline spent eight years as a student of the Johnny Young Talent School in Melbourne where she gained the skills and experience she needed to hone her vocal technique and build her stage confidence. Madeline has worked hard to establish her career in singing and performance and has worked across Melbourne as a solo artist, as well as with her band. Madeline has written and professionally recorded her own original music and can offer insight into the recording process, too.

Madeline is passionate about teaching and learning. She has completed a Diploma in Community Services Work, a Certificate IV in Education Support and has worked as an Education Support Worker and singing teacher for eight years. Her teaching and learning philosophy is based on wellbeing and personal development.

Madeline Music

Madeline Music prioritises student wellbeing and focuses on creating a fun and supportive learning environment for students.

People of all ages find comfort and inspiration in music, so the aim at Madeline Music is to combine music and wellbeing to support students not only through their singing journey, but through their personal development, too.

At Madeline Music, students of all ages and skill levels can build vocal technique, confidence and performance skills in a range of settings. Madeline works alongside students to develop a fun and personalised programme to suit each student’s individuality and voice.

Madeline offers:
Private lessons
Small group lessons (bring a friend!)
Weekend and school holiday workshops

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in mid-year and end of year concerts, as well as intimate shows providing students with a range of different performing skills. 

Whether you love singing solo or with friends in a choir, Madeline Music has a class for every voice.